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April 4th, 2007

07:40 am - we are all...sliding blocks
I dreamed I went to a psychologist, Noelle Howard, whom I was going to ask if I was on the right path with regards to fixing myself. Instead, a group of people (one of whom I jammed unsuccessfully with on guitar minutes before the psych walked in) were in the white room where the psychologist and I were supposed to meet.

She had us lay on the floor, and then the cool stuff began.

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November 12th, 2006

01:42 pm - I've been having a lot of weird dreams lately.
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Any help would be appreciated.


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July 8th, 2006

10:29 pm - Hermaphrodite; daddy? (Just joined)
I had the hermaphrodite dream three nights ago and the second one was two nights ago.

What's my gender again?Collapse )
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Comments are appreciated.

x posted to a few other dream-related communities.

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May 14th, 2006

09:14 pm
I once had a dream that started out with me driving a car (I don't have a driver's license) around in some city. The city looked like it could have been out of a '50s comic book or something, with sort of orange-brick walls. Anyway. I'm in my 1950s era car, driving around, and all of a sudden, I heard a siren, like an air-raid siren sort of sound. Almost immediately, I'm the only driver on the road. The other cars have ominously dissapeared. Then, a huge cube (for math purists, it wasn't actually a cube, it just would have sounded funny to say "rectangular solid") of bricks, maybe 15 feet high by 20 feet wide, and a few hundred feet long came zooming towards me, and I had to drive pretty crazily to avoid being plowed over by this pile of bricks.
After a while, I drove down a street in my hometown, and looked back. Behind me, the pile of bricks was waiting for the light at an intersection. I continued driving down the street, and took a curving offramp up into a building on the the left. The building was a brown, stained-wood panel building with round corners and turrets. I drove my car up the ramp, and through the front door. Looking back nervously, I saw that the brick pile was still following me, and was coming up the ramp. In the building where I had parked my car was a clothes store, and there were a bunch of the round shirt racks. A person in the store showed me an emergency stairway in the back of the store, which went down a dark cement stairwell into the basement. When I got down to the basement, there were already a bunch of friends of mine sitting there in the semi-dark. They were nicely settled in, lounging on a couch, and on the floor. It was a comfortable feeling, being surrounded by relaxing friends in the dark, cool room.
After a while, I opened the exterior door, which led out to a dry, dusty farm town, with a set of railway tracks. I began to wander down the streets of this lonely town, and walked down into a sort of residential neighborhood, with some scrubby trees and hedges. Suddenly, a dark young man, maybe in his late teens walked out from behind a hedge, and at that moment, I heard the brick pile rush up behind me. This guy was controlling it. He laughed at my situation, at his mercy, and began to inch the brick pile towards me with his mind. Fortunately, I realized that now had the ability to levitate, and quickly flew up into one of the scrubby trees in someone's yard.

Reality is over-rated
Current Music: Led Zeppelin - "Bring it On Home (Live)"

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April 13th, 2006

08:22 pm
Hey there!

I've noticed this community has been a little quiet lately, so I decided to update with 5 dreams I've had within the past couple of weeks.

29 March 2006Collapse )

30 March 2006Collapse )

9 April 2006Collapse )

10 April 2006Collapse )

10 April 2006Collapse )

I don't know why I've been having all these dreams involving me having a kid or being pregnant. I'm not a fan of kids/never want kids. I read that pregnancy can mean something new coming into your life. But I have no idea what this something new is. Are there any other meanings?
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March 7th, 2006

09:53 pm - Get amazing thing for meditation and creation your dreams
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Current Mood: goodgood

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February 7th, 2006

04:03 am - The Dreamsbox & Sinsbox Projects | share dreams and sins

I was on blinklist and saw the following article about dreamsbox.com and sinsbox.com. Since its revelant to this community, I thought I would share it:

"2 documentation projects emerged this month to spearhead a new push in the Web 2.0 era for simplicity. The Dreamsbox (http://www.dreamsbox.com) Project seeks to document the world's dreams, allowing for anonymous posting of dreams along with the creations of free personal dream diaries. The Sinsbox Project (http://www.sinsbox.com) seeks to document sins and secrets, allowing for anonymous confessions and submissions of expressional art. Both projects allow for a unique rating system..."

Both projects are actually pretty addictive and fun. I love the fact that they're simple to use but their design kinda suck and sinsbox.comis a bit too dark and scandalous for me but nonetheless i'm addicted. As it turns out the guy who started the 2 projects went to school with me back in the days! Now I guess he's an internet junkie. haha! Anyways, please spread words about these 2 projects to friends and family if you can through word of mouth or through your own postings. In general, I just think that these two projects are very decent in terms of what they're trying to do. Read the "about" page to learn how cool these people are.
Current Mood: awakeawake

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December 19th, 2005

03:57 pm
the most terrible dreams ever.

what's wrong with me?

dream #1. all of my teeth were falling out. i am extremely obsessive about my teeth so this was scary.

dream #2. a guy that i fooled around with in real life while ryan and i were broken up found out he had AIDS. i heard about this 'through the grapevine,' so to speak. i was absolutely fucking livid. i called him and asked him why i had to find that out from someone else, why could he be the 'man' he was so proud of being and call me to tell me himself that i most likely had this disease that would eventually take my life. (because the sex.. was not safe.) he skated around the subject, didn't want to tell me anything.. then told me that he'd known about his affliction since he got out of prison. (yeah, i really know how to pick 'em don't i?).. that was over a year ago. i killed myself in this dream. it ended and i was watching myself bleed to death. i didn't tell anyone about what had happened. i couldn't put ryan through the pain of telling him 'oh by the way, remember that guy that i fucked while you and i were broken up? yeah. he gave me aids.'

dream #3. found out some friends of my little sister's were actually rapists. found pictures, film, conversations, emails.. all of them violating girls that were too drunk to protest or were knocked out completely. tried to get my sister not to hang out with them.. for some reason no one would believe me, even when i confronted them with the undeniable evidence. this dream ended with her getting into their truck to go to a party, which she'd been talking about getting drunk at. all i could picture was what was going to happen to her.. i could see by the looks on these assholes' faces that they had something planned for her. something even worse because i had tried to expose them, and she was MY little sister so they were going to 'give it to her good,' as they put it. there was a friend of theirs who never did anything, but knew about it and wouldn't tell anyone and wouldn't back me up. he was scared of them. this dream ended with me somehow blowing up their car but the timing was all off and the friend that never did anything but wouldn't tell was the only one left. i didn't necessarily want to blow him up too, i just didn't want my little sister to go through that.

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December 4th, 2005

12:35 pm
i have not heard from you in a few days. i keep trying to call, and text message, and IM, but to no avail. sometimes you're online and there is no away message but you don't answer me anyhow. i'm freaking out but in an attempt to be better about things like that i don't say anything. i brush it off-- you're just busy. i will give you time. i wake up and check my phone because i can receive emails and IMs on there. i have three IMs. i read the first one listed first, forgetting that they are listed in order of most recently sent. there is some terrible story about how you are fucking some other girl and have been for weeks now (your words, not mine) and i close out of it thinking that maybe if i pretend like i never got that message then it somehow wouldn't be true. i open the next im and it is the first part of your story. i read it and pretend like it doesn't make any sense to me because remember, i never saw that other message? and finally i opened the last one. and it was from her. the girl. the one that you'd been turning to. she was cruder than you were, giving me grossly detailed descriptions of everything that had gone on between the two of you, and ending it with yet again 'so yeah, we've been fucking for a month or two now.' i put the phone down and stare at it for a good long while, and the dream ends with me, a razorblade, and far more spilled blood than could be considered healthy.

in the dream, i did not wake up.

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November 29th, 2005

12:44 am - Nazis, Catholics and Harry potter.
I dreamed every night, I think, that ive been away from home. I only remember two. I know one had to do with I owned some snake-like creature(but it had small legs and a very interesting looking face). It was kinda scary looking, yet beautiful. I knew it was a demontic creature, and I had to constantly lecture it not to eat things. Long story short, it ate my cousin Quiten. WTF?

The other one was kinda fun. Weird/random though because im not really a Harry Potter fan. But it had a little HellSing in it too, so.. ^_^.. For those who are not famaliar with the HellSing Manga. I will have an explanation at the end of the entry for most things.

Dream: I think I was at the waterpark or something with someone, I don't know who though, it didn't really show their face. Something tells me it was Schrodinger(a character from HellSing. He is a nazi/cat-boy created by a mad Nazi scientist, he's also the cutest thing ever). Or atleast someone with blonde hair/pretty sure a male, pretty sure it was Schrodinger. He never said anything though. I have a feeling he was just there to look after me or something like that. So me and this person were on a waterslide or on a floaty on a lazy river or something. Then I see this boy, maybe a year or two younger than me, with big glasses and on his glasses, he had a swastiska symbol. I saw him, pointed at him, and screamed at a humorous manner.

Then the screen switches to some place with alot of rocks and such. I wasn't there, just watching a scene. I saw an adult, blonde woman, and she was running from some imposter Father Alexander Anderson(He was ethier an imposter or possessed by something dark, im not sure. Just wasn't himself. And fyi: Father Alexander Anderson is a Priest/assasin that works for the Vatican). She hid behind some rocks, and it turned out she stole the "she" mummy that Millennuim(Millennuim is an Organisaion that consist of Nazis, they've been around since WWII, Schrodinger is a member of this group), had in "The Dawn"(a pre-sequel comic to HellSing). The problem was, she didn't hide it very well. She continued hiding behind some rocks, very scared, and the "She" thing was above her on some rocks, then Alexander Anderson, saw it and took it away, leaving the blonde woman behind not even knowing she was even there. Then the scene switched back to me and the little Nazi boy, and the other person who I think was Schrodinger.

We were, this time, like infront of the Harry Potter school or something like that, by a door. I just continued talking to the boy, and infact, I talked him out of being a Nazi. And he was like "Yeah, your right, I don't need to be a Nazi." So, I ripped off the swastiska off hes glasses, held it in my hands and looked at it. It was kinda ugly really, I mean, it was a swastika but it had other designs on it that didn't look very nice on it. I thought I should keep it for memories, "Hmm, I think I might keep this.." I said. "Go ahead." said the boy. "Nah! I don't want it!" Then I knew it in the grass. Then we started talking about politics, like Kennedy. And was saying that if a dounche like President Bush was our president during WWII, we'd be talking in German right now(In other words, the Nazis would of tookin' over).

Then those other two disappeared and I was in the Harry Potter school, and I was talking to the one guy with the long white beard(I think he's name is dumbledof??), I forget his name. I think he's the head of the school. Anyways, we got along really well. He said he would do some kind of spell to make some kind of sweet/candy that I want to eat. I couldn't think of anything, so I said "I would like a caramel apple with nuts on it!" But then I remembered that I already bought that before I stepped in the building, infact, it was half eaten. So I tried to think of something else, and he was getting impatient because I was taking to long. I just said something on top of my head. "I don't know, a really yummy cupcake?". Then he started babbling something about muffins, I got confused, and then there was a big commosion. Got confused again, then was by myself. I never got any cupcakes.

Then I just looked around at the students and saw Hermione, and thought that she was really really pretty. Then there was more commosion and turned out that the guy with the long white beard's grandma was kidnapped and he was crying. Somehow I knew that Harry Potter got possesd and was the one that kid napped her, and no one else knew that. I looked at him and saw that he was all sad that he did that, so, I can see it was more of a complicated plot than it looked, but I didn't care. Then there was some weird ceremony for god knows what. Suddenly, everyone started singing and it turned into a contest, so Briana Chavez(my best friend in real life) went "GOBBLE! GOBBLE! GOBBLE!" like a turkey and won being the anti-biggest jerk ever. And that was all.

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